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China’s Huawei Accused Of Trade Secret Theft By Motorola

Motorola has raised a lawsuit against the Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei in the United States, accusing the Chinese company of trade secret theft. Motorola claimed that during a certain period in the 1990s, many of its former employees offered detailed information about Motorola’s networking structure technologies, including seamless mobile solutions, to Huawei. In an […]

American Software Firm Sues Chinese Government, Computer Manufacturers

The Green Dam Youth Escort software saga has reared its head again as an American […]

State Council Publishes Chinese National IPR Strategy Outline

China’s State Council has released the glorious “Outlines on the National Strategy of Intellectual Property Rights”, which says that China will be constructed into a country with high IPR creation, application and management level by 2020, with its self-owned IPR level increased, IPR achievement enhanced, IPR protection status improved and the public’s awareness on IPR […]