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Alibaba Closes Offices In India

China and IndiaOver the past few months, China-based Alibaba has closed four enterprise e-commerce platform offices in India. According to reports in …

Baidu Names C2C E-commerce Platform

Ending days of riveting expectation, Baidu’s (BIDU) E-commerce Business Department has formally announced that Baidu’s new C2C e-commerce platform is named

Baidu’s C2C Baifubao E-commerce Platform Opened

The first batch of 10,000 contracted customers of Chinese search engine’s (BIDU) e-commerce platform are now able to enjoy the company’s C2C services.

Alipay Enters China’s Telecommunications Payment Sector

Alibaba’s Zhejiang Alipay Internet Technology Ltd has signed a cooperative agreement with China Netcom Xuzhou branch to jointly develop services in the online payment sector.

China’s Taobao Will Ban Internet Sale Of Unlicensed Food Products

Starting June 26, sellers of such special goods such as food and healthcare products must present relevant certificates before they can sell their goods on Internet auction website

Rumor: Tom Online’s CEO Will Resign

Disappointed with eBay Eachnet’s performance, Wang Leilei, CEO of Tom Online, may resign from his job.

China Drafts Two New Important Regulations For E-commerce

To better regulate online transactions in China, the Ministry of Commerce has drafted and is soliciting comments from the public on two new rules: the E-commerce Pattern Regulation and Online Shopping Service Regulation.