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China’s Aliyun American Data Center Highlights Double Standards

Alibaba’s cloud computing service Aliyun announced that its data center in Silicon Valley has started trial operation and is providing cloud services to users in North America and around the world. This is reportedly Aliyun’s sixth data center, following those opened in Hangzhou, Qingdao, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen. It also means that Aliyun will […]

Xiaomi Moves Overseas Mobile Phone Data Away From Chinese Servers

Hugo Barra, global vice president of Xiaomi, recently issued a statement that claims Xiaomi is moving its international user data from servers in Beijing to U.S. and Singapore. This is reportedly a response to previous incidents which exposed that Xiaomi smartphones automatically returned global user data to Beijing servers. Chinese telecommunications regulations require Chinese companies […]

China’s Qihoo 360 Targets Silicon Valley Venture Capital

Chinese Internet security provider Qihoo 360 has established a venture capital company in Silicon Valley to invest in start-up companies with strategic significance. Qihoo 360 expects to enhance its own products and expand its user base with the technologies of those start-ups based in the U.S. Mike Liao, Qihoo 360’s strategic action director, said that […]

China’s ZTE Sued For Patent Infringement In U.S.

U.S. broadband service provider Novatel Wireless has sued its competitors Franklin Wireless and ZTE for infringing five patents related to its MiFi mobile hotspot equipment. According to local media reports, Novatel Wireless’ MiFi Intelligent Mobile Hotspot equipment can access to the Internet via the cellular data network. The MiFi line creates a personal cloud of […]

SMIC Reaches Accommodation With TSMC

Chinese semiconductor foundry Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation has announced that it reached an agreement with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited.
SMIC was previously found guilty of theft of trade secrets from TSMC by the Superior Court of California, County of Alameda, in the United States.
Under the settlement agreement, the two parties will implement mutual release of […]