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Alibaba Attacks Fake Chinese Goods Ahead Of IPO

Because Chinese manufacturers have a poor overseas reputation for creating shoddy goods and the Chinese government has been criticized for not doing enough to halt fake products, Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is now trying to cull counterfeit goods from its own websites. Alibaba announced on its English blog that the group’s international B2B website […]

Baidu Exposes 168 Hazardous Chinese Websites

In observance of Consumer Rights Day, Chinese search engine company Baidu Inc. launched a special campaign to enhance Internet security in China. Starting from March 14, 2012, Baidu launched a three-day webpage linked to from its front page, which leads to a special zone jointly hosted by Baidu and the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau. […]

Chinese Internet Users Can Report Online Fraudsters Via New Baidu Service

Chinese search engine company Baidu Inc. has launched an Internet platform to accept netizens’ complaints about information promoted by the search engine service at Via this new platform, Chinese Internet users can report suspected illegal information or Internet fraudsters among those results promoted by the search engine service at Baidu. The platform will accept […]

Japanese Tech Companies Launch Recycling JV In China

Panasonic will cooperate with Hangzhou Dadi Environmental Protection Engineering Company Ltd., Dowa Holdings Company Ltd., and Sumitomo Corporation to form a jointly-held company, Panasonic Dadi Dowa Summit Recycling Hangzhou Company Ltd., in China. The new joint venture will be engaged in the recycling of home appliances and electronics and is expected to start operation in […]

Bribery Is "Made In China" For IBM

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission charged IBM with funneling gifts, cash, and entertainment to government officials in South Korea and China. Specifically, IBM was charged with violating the books and records and internal control provisions of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 as a result of the provision of improper cash payments, gifts, […]

E-Commerce Fraud Forces Alibaba To Replace Internet Executives In China

The chief executive officer and chief operating officer of Chinese e-commerce behemoth Limited have resigned after the company admitted that about 100 of its own sales people were involved in allowing fraudulent storefronts on its international online marketplace. Alibaba said that members of its senior management knew of a noticeable increase of fraud claims […]

Internet Retailers Publish Honesty Declaration In China

More than 1,000 suppliers, publishers, and Internet retailers, including, Microsoft, Aigo, Wyeth, Lock & Lock, Commercial Press, and the People’s Literature Publishing House, have jointly published an “Internet Retailing Honesty Declaration” in China. Under the declaration, and its suppliers promise that following the basic principles of integrity, security, and responsibility, they will provide […]

IBM Cleanses Its China Ranks Of Corrupt Staff

IBM’s recent anti-corruption campaign in China has reportedly resulted in the resignation or downgrading of more than 120 employees in the company’s Chinese offices.
The Chinese media reported that about a month ago, over 120 employees from IBM China were investigated. Of them, about 100, including two top executives, were downgraded to a lower position and […]

Workers At Apple Supplier Suffer From n-Hexane Poisoning In China

According to Hong Kong media, about 62 workers from China’s Jiangsu province have been hospitalized for n-Hexane poisoning while they worked for Wintek, a supplier of Apple.
The reports, which also appeared in mainland Chinese media like, state that the workers were working on touchscreens for Apple’s iPhone products before they got n-Hexane poisoning and […]

Gome’s Affiliate Involved In Bribery

Beijing No. 2 Secondary Court has issued an indictment to Gome Electrical Appliance Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chinese electronics retailer Gome, which has allegedly been involved in a bribery scandal.
According to the indictment, GEAC was involved in part of a bribery plan that was worth totally CNY4.56 billion between 2006 and 2008 when Huang […]