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Countdown Looms For BTCC’s Bitcoin Trading End

As BTCC enters its final week of Bitcoin trading operations, all eyes are on how the impact of the shutdown …

ICOs Are Dead In China As Chinese Government Nixes Cryptocurrencies

Seven Chinese regulatory bodies issued initial coin offering rules that totally ban the practice by cryptocurrency and Bitcoin wannabes. ICOs …

Is Alibaba Starting Its Own SME Investment Bank?

RMBWhat better way to cash-out your cronies, pay back local government officials, and inject some capital into s business than …

Bitcoin Value Steadies After Chinese Government Warning Drop

Five Chinese government units, including the People’s Bank of China, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Securities Regulatory Commission, and China Insurance Regulatory Commission, have jointly issued a notice about preventing risks against Bitcoin speculation. Though the warnings were not full condemnations of the cyptocurrency, sell prices on exchanges as […]

Shareholder Sues Datang Telecom Over False Statements And Internal Trading

Beijing No. 1 Secondary People’s Court has accepted two lawsuits filed against Datang Telecom Technology Company Ltd.
One of the cases, according to a report from, is about a shareholder suing Datang Telecom over false statements, and the other is an accusation against Datang executive Pan Shenhai for internal trading.
In the first case, an investor […]

China’s Datang Sued By Investors For Misleading Financial Report

Datang Telecom Technology says it is being sued by two investors in China for misleading statements made in its financial report released in 2004.

Suning Launches Share Bonus Plan

Suning Appliance has launched its share bonus plan for 2008 in which the electronics retail company will give 43.76 million stock options, accounting for 2.93% of its total shares, to its senior executives as incentives.