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Huawei Signs Agreements With Three French Tech Firms

Chinese telecom device maker Huawei has signed agreements with Chronocam, Secure-IC, and Siradel during a supplier conference in Paris. Huawei …

Intel Launches Five Centrino 2 Processor Technologies In Beijing

Intel (INTC) formally launched five Centrino 2 processor technologies in Beijing this week.

SMIC Reports Decrease In Quarterly Revenue

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation’s (SMI) consolidated results for the three months ended March 31, 2008 show overall revenue decreased to US$362.4 million, down 8.3% from the previous quarter.

Chinese Handset Manufacturer Outsources To Egypt

China TechFaith (CNTF) has signed an agreement with QuickTel to develop and manufacture low-cost mobile handsets in Egypt.

STB: AVS Video Encoding Trials In Shanghai

Envivio’s 4Caster C4 encoders are being used in trials in Shanghai that combine AVS video encoding with China’s standard for digital terrestrial television broadcasting for set-top boxes.