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Chinese Cloud Security Startup Gains New Investment

Chinese Internet enterprise security start-up Qingteng Cloud Security has gained its first round of investment of CNY60 million from CBC Capital and Redpoint Ventures. The nascent company is setting a new record of first round financing amount for security start-ups in China. Zhang Fu, founder of Qingteng, said that the current Internet enterprise security is […]

China’s Kingsoft Joins Microsoft’s VIA

Chinese software and online game provider Kingsoft has announced that it has joined Microsoft’s Virus Information Alliance and become the first Chinese anti-virus software provider in the alliance, sharing virus information with the 17 other leading anti-virus companies in the world.
In regards to the reason for joining the alliance, Wang Xin, COO for Kingsoft’s security […]

Say Cheese: Photos Now Mandatory When Entering All Beijing Internet Cafes

The Beijing government has launched an enhanced Internet cafe monitoring rule which states that people who visit Internet cafes for the first time need to have their picture taken and have their identification cards scanned.

Rising Launches 2.0 Version Of Cloud Security

The Chinese anti-virus firm Rising has formally announced its Cloud Security 2.0 version, focusing on blocking trojan viruses from the Internet.