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Truly International Sues Letv Zhixin To Get Back CNY240 Million Investment

Truly International Holdings Limited is using the courts to go after a subsidiary of embattled Chinese tech firm LeEco. Truly …

Apple Sues Qualcomm For Abuse Of Market Position In China

Apple has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm in Beijing, and it is accusing the latter of abusing its dominant …

Apple Loses iPhone Trademark Case In China

tiandi-iphoneThere is now no need to worry the next time you purchase a leather case for your iPhone and wonder …

China’s Alibaba Sued For Patent Infringement In U.S.

Express Mobile, an information technology company in the U.S., has sued China’s Alibaba for patent infringement. According to Express Mobile, the company filed the patent infringement lawsuit against the Alibaba Group in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division. In the statement, Express Mobile accused Alibaba for infringing its […]

Taiwanese PHS Service Provider Goes Bust

First International Telecom Corporation, the only telecom carrier that provides low-power communication system services in Taiwan, has announced its bankruptcy and its users will be taken over by other carriers.

U.S. Charges Five Chinese Military Hackers With Cyber Espionage

The United States government has taken the extraordinary step of indicting five Chinese citizens who are officers in Unit 61398 of the Third Department of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army with hacking. A grand jury in the Western District of Pennsylvania indicted the five Chinese military hackers for computer hacking, economic espionage and other offenses […]

Trade Secrets Case Grows As Via Sues Asus For Damages

Via Technologies Inc. has filed a lawsuit in Taiwan to recover the losses incurred as a result of an alleged misappropriation of Via intellectual property related to USB technology. Via has filed a civil suit in the Taipei District Court seeking damages of at least NT$4.137 billion from Asustek Computer Inc. and its subsidiary Asmedia […]

Dun & Bradstreet Tries Clawing Back Its Reputation In China

Half a year after U.S.-based Dun & Bradstreet Corporation’s Chinese subsidiary was fined CNY1 million and four of its China executives received jail sentences for improperly collecting data, the company has added a director with some China experience. D&B last week announced that Thomas J. Manning was appointed to D&B’s board of directors on June […]

Baidu Sues Qihoo 360 In China For Search Engine Sitemap Format Plagiarism

Beijing Baidu Netcom Science and Technology Company Ltd. is claiming CNY500,000 in damages as it sues rival Beijing Qihoo Technology Company Ltd. for for allegedly plagiarizing the sitemap documentation content and format of the platform. Baidu said that its Zhanzhang webmaster support platform was formally launched on September 16, 2011. The Chinese search engine […]

Apple Settles China Trademark Spat For USD60 Million

By paying only USD60 million, Apple appears to have gained the upper hand in a trademark dispute against a Chinese technology company. According to the Guangdong High People’s Court, Apple has just placed the USD60 million a court escrow account to be transferred to Shenzhen Proview Technology, which owned the rights to the iPad trademark […]