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Xiaomi’s Online Payment Service Opens In China

china-mobile-paymentChina’s Xiaomi cooperated with China UnionPay in launching its payment service MI Pay. With this move, Xiaomi becomes yet another …

Who Are Apple Pay’s Partners In China?

Apple PayToday marks the beginning of Apple Pay’s entry into China, a country that Steve Jobs never visited as company chief …

China UnionPay Rumored To Soon Launch Mobile Payment Service For Android Smartphones

China UnionPay has reportedly decided to launch a mobile payment service named “AndroidPay” for Android smartphones. According to reports in Chinese local media, several information sources confirmed the new service will reportedly be available in China in the third quarter of 2015. Several smartphone makers also confirmed the news. Cao Jingsheng, vice president of Coolpad […]

China UnionPay Accused Of Facilitating Illegal Cash Advances

China UnionPay, the top domestic credit card organization in China, is now accused of facilitating illegal cash advances.
According to local media reports, under the rules of China UnionPay, businesses need to return only 0.5% to 2% of the total amount of consumption of a cardholder to the card issuing bank and China UnionPay, and the […]

China Postal Savings Bank Inks New Credit Card Processing Agreement

TSYS announced that China UnionPay Data Services, TSYS’ joint venture with China UnionPay, has signed a credit card processing agreement with China Postal Savings Bank, China’s fifth largest lender.

China UnionPay Inks Citibank Debit Card Agreement

TSYS’ joint venture with China UnionPay has signed a debit card processing agreement with Citibank in China.