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Apple Suspends iPhone 4S Sales In Retail Stores In China

Friday the 13th did not play well for Apple today, as the company suspended the sale of its iPhone 4S smartphones in its Chinese retail outlets. Earlier today, a legion of scalpers waiting in line had a few fierce conflicts at the Sanlitun Apple Store in Beijing. This apparently caused Apple to announce that they […] Will Halt Search Engine Advertising With

Li Guoqing, joint president of the Chinese Internet shopping website, has announced that the company will stop putting advertisements on search engine from April 2011 due to the recent accusation that is involved in literature and music piracy. Over 50 Chinese writers and publishers claimed around March 15, the World Consumer Rights […]

Internet Retailers Publish Honesty Declaration In China

More than 1,000 suppliers, publishers, and Internet retailers, including, Microsoft, Aigo, Wyeth, Lock & Lock, Commercial Press, and the People’s Literature Publishing House, have jointly published an “Internet Retailing Honesty Declaration” in China. Under the declaration, and its suppliers promise that following the basic principles of integrity, security, and responsibility, they will provide […]

Netease Initiates Credit Email Alliance

Netease, one of the major email service providers in China, has launched a credit email alliance and the alliance has been joined by many companies from the finance, third-party payment, e-commerce and online games industries.
By making use of its expertise in anti-fraud and anti-spam, Netease provides encryption technology for the certification of the credit email […] Cooperates With To Develop Online Drugstore, the online drugstore branch of Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical, has announced that the company reached an agreement with the third-party Internet payment platform to jointly develop a business in the online drugstore sector.

China’s Xinhua Bookstore Ramps Up Online Retail Network

After a year-long preparation period, China’s Xinhua Bookstore is finally starting its online sales business by cooperating with seven bookstores, including Beijing Books Building, Wangfujing Bookstore, and Zhongguancun Bookstore.

Microsoft Launches One-week Software Discount In China

What’s better than free Microsoft (MSFT) software? Paid Microsoft software. Inks Strategic Cooperation With Chongqing Publishing Group

Chinese e-commerce website will establish a strategic partnership with Chongqing Publishing Group and to build a logistics base in the southwestern area of China.

Shanghai Tops Chinese Online Shopping List In H1

According to the Survey Report on Online Shopping in China 2008 released by China Internet Network Information Center, the total amount of online shopping in 19 big cities in China reached CNY16.2 billion in the first half of 2008.

China’s Online Shopping Topped CNY16.2 Billion In First Half Year

According to the China Online Shopping Survey 2008 released by China Internet Network Information Center, the total online shopping value in the four municipalities and 15 developed cities in China reached CNY16.2 billion in the first six months of this year.