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Chinese Microsoft Employees Reject Buyout Offer As Company Shuts Factories

Microsoft announced that they will formally shut down manufacturing plants in Beijing and Dongguan in the first quarter of 2015, which will cost over 1,000 jobs.

Microsoft Promotes Legitimate Software At Chinese Internet Cafes

According to a measure on unified outsourcing of legitimate Microsoft products by netcafes in Dongguan, Microsoft aims to push netcafes in Dongguan to use legitimate software within five years.
Under the measure, and assuming that most software currently used is not legal, software used at netcafes in Dongguan will be legitimate in five years with 20% […]

Nokia Mobile Phone Battery On Guangdong’s Quality Blacklist

According to the Guangdong Administration for Industry and Commerce’s report on quality of mobile phone batteries, chargers and wire and cable products sold in Guangdong in the third quarter of 2008, of 249 batches of products produced by 113 companies, 144 batches failed to meet the relevant Chinese standards and the pass rate was only […]

Guangdong Will Build First Wireless City Group In China

According to Guangdong Information Industry Department, Guangdong is planning the first wireless city group in China and people in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and Dongguan might soon by able to surf the Internet with a unified wireless network.

Baidu Penetrating Into China’s Wireless Search Market

Chinese Internet search engine (BIDU) is reportedly penetrating into the WiMax search market within Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Shenzhen.