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Illegal Activities Push 360 Cloud Disk To Stop Services In China

360cloud shutdown360 Cloud Disk published a notice on its official website stating that they will stop providing cloud disk services to …

Microsoft Cancels Packaged Windows 8 For Chinese Market

Microsoft announced its new product sales strategy in the Chinese market to only provide the electronic online version and OEM pre-installed versions of Windows 8, cutting the sales of packaged operating system sales. In the past, Microsoft normally sold its operating system products in three ways, including the packaged version, OEM pre-installed version, and online […]

Kingsoft Acquires MyDrivers For Up To CNY18 Million

Chinese software provider Kingsoft Corporation Limited has revealed in its financial report for the second quarter of 2011 that it has completed the acquisition of MyDrivers, a Chinese software download service provider, for up to CNY18 million. Kingsoft said that the acquisition was completed via Beike Internet Security Technology Company Ltd., a subsidiary of Kingsoft. […]

Baidu’s Digital Music Deal Ends Legal Bout In China

Chinese search engine Baidu Inc. signed a digital music distribution deal in China with a company backed by Universal Music, Warner Music, and Sony Music. Baidu inked the deal with One-Stop China, a joint venture created by Universal Music, Warner Music, and Sony Music. The new partnership was accompanied by a conciliation agreement, endorsed by […]

U.S. Government Stings Chinese Websites, As "Notorious Markets"

Chinese search engine and an e-commerce subsidiary of Alibaba,, have just been placed on the United States Trade Representative’s “Notorious Markets List”. USTR states: “The Notorious Markets List identifies selected markets, including those on the Internet, which exemplify the problem of marketplaces dealing in infringing goods and helping to sustain global piracy and […]

China’s Ministry Of Culture To Clear Illegal Music Websites

China’s Ministry of Culture has published a notice stating that it will further clear the Chinese online music market and shut down irregular and illegal music websites. A representative from the Culture Market Department of the Ministry revealed to the local media that the notice about clearing irregular music websites has been deployed to the […]

SARFT: Over 530 BitTorrent Websites Shut In China

Rectification of Internet audio-visual services in China has been raised to a new level and […] Initiates Chinese Alliance Against Video Websites

Initiated by,, and Union Voole Technology Company, a new anti-piracy alliance that is co-founded by 110 Chinese Internet video copyright owners has been launched in Beijing.
This new anti-piracy alliance released ten slogans that call for Internet video websites’ prevention of the spread of unauthorized video works. The websites are encouraged to block the […]

CCTV Sues Online Video Service Providers

China International Television Corporation, an affiliate of CCTV, is using the Chinese courts to fight six online video service providers, including, and
Beijing’s Haidian District Court has already issued a preliminary order and judgement that the online video service providers had violated the rights of CCTV and has asked them to stop the […]

Making Kaka: China’s Rising Launches English Edition Of Security Software

Chinese security company Rising has started a new overseas expansion plan and has launched the English edition of its Kaka Internet assistant which has been formally renamed Rising PC Doctor for overseas markets.
Rising PC Doctor is an anti-virus and anti-spyware security assistant. It combines many functions, including scanning and patching of vulnerabilities, system rehabilitation, and […]