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Microsoft Gingerly Moves Skype’s China Operations To New Partner

Microsoft has formed a partnership with Guangming Founder, which will operate Skype for Microsoft in mainland China. Founded in 2011, Guangming Founder is a joint venture between and Founder, a Chinese computing company. The company mainly focuses on developing mobile new media businesses. Financial terms of the deal were not revealed. According to Microsoft, […]

Will Online Privacy Be Better When Microsoft Takes Over Skype’s China Business?

Starting November 24, 2013, Microsoft will take over Skype’s business in the China region. Tom-Skype, the business unit within China-based TOM Online Inc. that has run Skype’s business for many years, published a report on its official website to announce the handover. The report also revealed that so far Tom-Skype has gained over 100 million […]

PayPal Ends Cooperation With Alibaba In China

PayPal, the third-party Internet payment platform of eBay, has announced that it will terminate its cooperation with AliExpress, the worldwide site of the Chinese B2B e-commerce group Alibaba, from August 3, 2011. PayPal said on its official blog that to provide quality services to users around the world, PayPal insists on making regular evaluations of […]

Huawei Joins Open Handset Alliance

According to information from the Open Handset Alliance, China’s telecommunications manufacturer Huawei and 13 other companies, including Vodafone, Toshiba and Sony Ericsson, have jointed the alliance to lend support to the Android open source platform-based Google phone.

Wang Leilei Resigns From Tom Group

Tom Group says Wang Leilei has resigned his posts as vice president and executive director of Tom Group, CEO and director of and director of Tom-eBay.

China’s Online Shopping Topped CNY16.2 Billion In First Half Year

According to the China Online Shopping Survey 2008 released by China Internet Network Information Center, the total online shopping value in the four municipalities and 15 developed cities in China reached CNY16.2 billion in the first six months of this year.

eBay Eachnet Gets Fully Connected With eBay U.S.

Chinese online auction firm eBay Eachnet says it has been fully connected to eBay’s (EBAY) main transaction platform in the United States and this will enable Chinese online shoppers to directly purchase goods from the U.S. via Eachnet.

Rumor: Tom Online’s CEO Will Resign

Disappointed with eBay Eachnet’s performance, Wang Leilei, CEO of Tom Online, may resign from his job.

eBay Eachnet Just Wants To Be Free In China

eBay Eachnet has announced immediate plans to exempt a series of important fees for users, a move that marks the beginning of the company’s shift to a free service pattern.

eBay Eachnet Suffered CNY104 Million Loss In 2007

Tom Group’s 2007 financial report shows that the company’s business revenue in 2007 was CNY2.683 billion and losses reached CNY297 million, which the company says is mainly caused by eBay Eachnet which suffered a loss of about CNY104 million.