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Who Says Foreign Tech Companies Can’t Grow In China?

EMC claims its China business has grown for many years, while other foreign firms and Internet heavyweights like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube can’t even step foot in China. Ye Chenghui, president of EMC Greater China, said that EMC China’s growth in the past year was beyond expectations and the company has realized growth over eight […]

Chinese Software Standard Approved By OASIS

The China Electronics Standardization Association announced in Beijing that the Unstructured Operation Markup Language, a read and write access standard for electronic documents created by CESA, has been approved by the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards, making it the first Chinese-made international standard of its kind in the software industry.

EMC’s Up In The Clouds With Tsinghua University

EMC will cooperate with China’s Tsinghua University on the research of cloud computing technologies, a hot sector which is raising attention from both manufacturers and research institutions around the world.

Digital China Arranges JV With EMC

Digital China announced that it will set up a joint venture company with American storage giant EMC (EMC) to carry out solutions and services as well as acquisitions in China.