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Huawei Renews Patent Cross License Agreement With Ericsson

HuaweiChinese telecom device maker Huawei has renewed its global patent cross license agreement with Ericsson. As a part of the …

China’s Xiaomi Faces International Expansion Setback

Just being a Chinese-made smartphone puts Xiaomi at a branding and security deficit on the global stage, but now a legal decision in India has further stymied the company’s growth plans in the world’s second-largest nation. Xiaomi published a note on its official Indian website, stating that the company will suspend sales of Xiaomi smartphones […]

China’s ZTE Signs Wireless Patent Settlement Agreement With Ericsson

Chinese telecom equipment maker ZTE Corporation has signed an official settlement agreement with Telefon AB L.M. Ericsson in which the two parties have reportedly withdrawn all patent infringement lawsuits against each other. According to the agreement, the two companies dropped all ongoing and pending patent infringement litigation against each other in Germany, the United Kingdom, […]

Ericsson Sues Acer, D-Link For Wireless Patent Infringement

According to reports in Taiwanese local media, Ericsson has sued companies, including D-Link, Acer and Netgear, in Texas, U.S., for infringement of wireless products. The reports state that the prosecuted businesses in Ericsson’s lawsuit include D-Link’s parent company; D-Link’s subsidiary in America; Acer’s parent company; Acer’s subsidiary in America; Netgear; and Gateway, which has been […]

India Resumes Imports Of Chinese Telecom Equipment With Stricter Rules

The Indian government has amended its telecom security rules, stating that India telecom operators can resume their imports of Chinese-made telecommunications equipment, but stricter rules will be applied. According to a statement published by the Department of Telecommunications of India, due to security reasons, all telecom equipment suppliers must share their source code and design […]

China Unicom WCDMA Tender Result Revealed

According to an insider quoted by local Chinese media, the result for China Unicom’s WCDMA tender has been revealed, though the detailed statistics are currently not available.

China Unicom Pushes WCDMA Tender For Commercial Launch On May 17

According to an insider from China Unicom, the company has required its branches in major Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, to finish construction of WCDMA networks before April 17, 2009, and then to start a one-month internal operation and system test to make preparations for the official launch of the commercial use of […]

Electrolux China’s President Steps Down

The world’s leading home appliances maker Electrolux has announced that its president for the China area Li Yan has departed from her position, replaced by Electrolux’s president for Asia Pacific Gunilla Nordstrom, who holds a concurrent post.

Huawei Sales Up 46% In 2008

Chinese telecommunications equipment maker Huawei Technologies increased its sales by 46% year-on-year to USD23.3 billion in 2008.

Chinese Workers Seek Compensation From Sony Ericsson

A group of people claiming to be marketing department staff of Sony Ericsson have gathered on a cold day outside the headquarters of Sony Ericsson in the Wangjing section of Beijing, asking for compensation after their labor contracts were terminated.