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What Twitter Can And Can’t Do In Hong Kong As It Views China

Hong Kong’s geographic proximity to mainland China belies the gulf in business practices, Internet laws, and access that Twitter will find between the refined transparency of Hong Kong and the nuances and perils of the mainland Chinese Internet sector. Twitter announced plans this week to open an office in Hong Kong. Though the company says […]

China Unicom Beijing Launches Free Trial Of Broadband Green Accounts

Chinese telecom operator China Unicom’s Beijing branch has recently launched a promotion by providing free trials of broadband “green” accounts to help protect Chinese youth from harmful information.
The broadband green accounts are based on China Unicom Beijing’s family broadband accounts. Users of the company’s family broadband service will gain an additional account with the suffix […]

Chinese Telecom Operators Fight Mobile Spam With New Filters

Following the launch of a joint platform for dealing with spam mobile short messages in June 2009, the three major telecom operators in China have now each worked out their respective spam SMS screening services to help users block unwanted short messages.
Among them, China Telecom just formally launched a short message filtering service for its […]

CCTV: Google China Is A Gateway To Vulgar Internet Content

China Central Television has exposed in its news and Focus Report programs that the website for Google China contains links to a large number of websites hosting pornographic and vulgar content.
China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Centre expressed its great resentment at Google China, via the television reports, and asked the search engine company to clear […]

Jiangmin: Green Dam Has Security Hole

According to the Chinese security software company Jiangmin, the Green Dam Youth Escort software promoted by the Chinese government that aims to prevent young people from viewing pornographic websites has a security backdoor and hackers can take advantage of the loophole to spread virus.
The company said that the loophole exists in the filtering function of […]