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Fujitsu Confirms PC Merger With Lenovo

Fujitsu’s president Tatsuya Tanaka says his company hopes to sign a PC business merger agreement with China’s Lenovo before March …

Fujitsu Opens Quality Testing Service For Electronics Companies In China

Fujitsu Quality Laboratory Limited this week announced the establishment of a subsidiary in Suzhou which will offer local quality and environmental assurance services to companies in the electronics sector.

Chinese Software Standard Approved By OASIS

The China Electronics Standardization Association announced in Beijing that the Unstructured Operation Markup Language, a read and write access standard for electronic documents created by CESA, has been approved by the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards, making it the first Chinese-made international standard of its kind in the software industry.

China Telecom’s CDMA Tender Results Unveiled

The results of China Telecom’s (CHA) CNY27.9 billion CDMA network tender has been disclosed and the major parts of the contract have been gained by Huawei, ZTE and Alcatel-Lucent, which received about 40%, 40% and 20%, respectively.

Fujitsu To Sell Newfangled RFID Tags In China

Fujitsu and Fujitsu Frontech Limited announced at the Fujitsu International Forum 2008 that they would sell their super high frequency waterproof RFID tags in overseas markets, including China, starting May.