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Alibaba’s Chief Bets Big On Internet Gambling, Which Is Banned In China

wasting moneyDon’t believe anyone who says’s founder Jack Ma doesn’t intend to upset the status quo and sense of stability …

Alibaba Bets On Chinese Lottery In Latest Acquisition

wasting moneyAlibaba’s Alipay affiliate controls how Chinese netizens spend their money; and now Alibaba Group owns a lottery operator and controls …

More Computer Game Companies Exposed For Illegal Operations In China

Coming days after word that was illegally running its World of Warcraft game, China’s Ministry of Culture has issued a circular which exposes 188 computer games companies for illegal operations.
These 188 companies were said to be the seventh batch of illegal games operators ever exposed by China’s Ministry of Culture.
Among the 188 companies, 14, […]

China Implements Stricter Management Of Virtual Currency

China’s Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Commerce have jointly focused on the management of virtual money for online games with a new regulation which states that virtual currency should not be used in trade of real goods and services.
According to the regulation, the enhanced management of online games focuses on four aspects: the issuers […] Launches Chinese Internet Lottery Sales Platform

China’s Web 2.0 community website has launched a lottery sales platform, on which users can buy lottery tickets and withdraw lottery prizes via the Internet.