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China Lifts Gaming Consoles Ban In Shanghai Pilot Free-Trade Zone

Partially ending a 13-year ban, the State Council of China has issued word that foreign companies are allowed to engage in gaming device production and sales in the Shanghai Pilot Free-Trade Zone. Those gaming products can then be sold to the Chinese market with the approval of the related culture administrative departments. According to the […]

Microsoft’s New Gaming Device Will Not Be Sold In Chinese Mainland

Michel van der Bel, chief operating officer of Microsoft China, has revealed to the Chinese local media that due to policy limit in China, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 video game console and the newly-developed Kinect controller-free gaming device will not be sold in the Chinese mainland market. However, Microsoft displayed the new Kinect-based games to its […]

Hong Kong Crackdown On Game Console Mods For Pirated Games

Hong Kong customs officers have conducted a territory-wide operation code-named “Intruder” to crack down on retail activities involving the modification of game consoles to enable customers to play pirated games on the hardware.