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CNNIC: Many Of China’s 55.5 Million Online Game Players Have No Money!

According to the latest report on Chinese online game users published by the China Internet Network Information Center, the number of online game players in China has reached 55.5 million, but many are considered low-end players.
The surveyed targets of this report were massively multiplayer online role-playing game users who played the games at least once […]

China’s Shanda Literature Plans To Sue Google For Book Piracy

According to Hou Xiaoqiang, CEO of Shanda Literature, the company plans to start a lawsuit against Google to push the global search engine towards better transparency and a higher sense of corporate social responsibility.
Hou says Shanda Literature, which is a subsidiary of Chinese online game game company Shanda, started contact with Google before the latest […]

Perfect World Sends Online Game To Korea

Chinese online game developer Perfect World (PWRD) says its game “Chi Bi” is heading to South Korea via a new licensing agreement.

What’s In A Name For China’s Kingsoft Corporation?

Chinese software provider Kingsoft has confirmed that the company is seeking to change its name.

China Will Launch Real Name System For Online Games

According to Zhang Yijun, director for the Technology and Digital Publishing Division of the General Administration of Press and Publication of China, China’s online game anti-addiction work has been progressing smoothly and a real name certification system will be launched soon.

Damage Control: Perfect World Hits Back At Chinese Media

The situation has been less than perfect in recent days at Chinese online game company Perfect World (PWRD) as it now fights rumors that its CEO is planning to depart the company.

China’s Online Game Sector Made CNY18.38 Billion Revenue In 2008

At the China Game Industry Annual Conference 2008, a report on China’s game industry for 2008 was released with information that the actual sales within China’s online game industry in 2008 was CNY18.38 billion, a year-on-year increase of 76.6%.

Kingsoft Earmarks CNY1 Billion To Build Headquarters In Zhuhai

Chinese software provider Kingsoft plans to invest CNY1 billion to build a 96,000-square-meter headquarters and research center in Zhuhai, Guangdong province.

Online Game Incubation Program Aims To Encourage Chinese Entertainment Development

Chinese online game developer Giant Interactive Group (GA) has created a program today to incubate developers in China who are focused on creating marketable games.

Shanda Signs Pact With Chinese Online Game Rival

Chinese Internet gaming firm Shanda (SNDA) today announced a deal with rival Kingsoft regarding JX Online World and JX Online II, two of Kingsoft’s in-house developed games.