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Jailbird Huang Offloads Tech Retail Assets In China

Huang Guangyu, who was sentenced to more than a decade behind bars in China for stock market manipulation, has finally sold his controlling assets in his electronics retail firm. Gome Electrical Appliances Holding Limited published a report that the company has reached a revised agreement to acquire retail assets owned by its controlling shareholder Huang […]

Apple Suspends iPhone 4S Sales In Retail Stores In China

Friday the 13th did not play well for Apple today, as the company suspended the sale of its iPhone 4S smartphones in its Chinese retail outlets. Earlier today, a legion of scalpers waiting in line had a few fierce conflicts at the Sanlitun Apple Store in Beijing. This apparently caused Apple to announce that they […]

China’s Gome To Sue Former Chairman

Chinese electronics and home appliances retailer Gome has announced that its board of directors has decided to sue its former executive director Huang Guangyu. As part of this initiative, the company requires Huang to compensate losses caused by his irregular activities in the repurchase of shares of Gome at the beginning of 2008. According to […]

Gome’s Affiliate Involved In Bribery

Beijing No. 2 Secondary Court has issued an indictment to Gome Electrical Appliance Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chinese electronics retailer Gome, which has allegedly been involved in a bribery scandal.
According to the indictment, GEAC was involved in part of a bribery plan that was worth totally CNY4.56 billion between 2006 and 2008 when Huang […]

Sanlian Group’s Lawsuit Against Gome Rejected By Shandong Court

Sanlian Commerce, a subsidiary of the Shandong-based electronics retailer Sanlian Group, has published a report stating the Shandong Supreme People’s Court has rejected Sanlian Group’s lawsuit against Gome about the share auction of Sanlian Commerce.
On January 7, 2008, China’s CITIC Bank Jinan branch applied to sell the 27 million stakes in Sanlian Commerce owned by […]

Chen Xiao Replaces Huang Guangyu As Gome Chairman In China

Chinese electronics retailer Gome Electrical Appliance has published a report that Huang Guangyu has resigned his positions as director and chairman of the board of Gome, replaced by Gome’s current executive president Chen Xiao.

Sanlian Group Sues Gome Over Illegal Acquisition

Shandong-based retailer Sanlian Group has sued several companies, including the Chinese electronics retail giant Gome, for the illegal acquisition of 27 million shares in Sanlian Group’s Sanlian Commerce subsidiary and has asked the court to announce the purchase as invalid, as well as seeking CNY50 million compensation from these companies.

Suning To Open 20 New Stores In Shanghai In 2009

Suning’s Shanghai headquarters has announced plans to open 20 new electronics stores in Shanghai in 2009, covering 12 districts such as Minhang, Baoshan, Pudong New Area, Xuhui, Jing’an, Huangpu, and Fengxian.

Best Buy To Sell Own LCD TVs In China

The world’s leading electronics retailer Best Buy (BBY) has started to sell its self-owned brand LCD TVs in China for the first time and those TVs are only available in Best Buy’s stores.

Gome Suspends Administrative Duties Of Huang Guangyu

Chinese electronics retailer Gome has officially suspended the administrative duties of its chairman Huang Guangyu.