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Tencent’s Qkey Promotes Its Secure Payment Authentication

Tencent QkeyChinese Internet company Tencent launched its smart bracelet product named Qkey with a feature that grants the user payment authentication … Invests USD75 Million Real Money In Virtual Reality

virtual invested USD75 million to participate in the third round financing of Razer and the two parties will begin cooperating …

Beijing Extends Home Appliances Trade-in Policy To End Of 2011

According to reports in local media, the one-year-old home appliances trade-in policy, which was supposed to conclude at the end of May 2010, has been prolonged to the end of 2011 in Beijing, and the subsidy rates remain unchanged.
In June 2009, China launched a home appliances and electronics trade-in implementation solution and stated that from […]

Online Filtering Software Redux In China

China’s Ministry of Education says that the networks of all China’s schools shall be subject […]

American Software Firm Sues Chinese Government, Computer Manufacturers

The Green Dam Youth Escort software saga has reared its head again as an American […]

Gome’s President Investigated For Stock Manipulation As Company Reports Earnings

According local media reports, Huang Guangyu, chairman of Gome Electric Appliance Group, is currently under investigation by Beijing police for stock market manipulation.

China’s Baidu Commits To Lofty Internet Ideals By Joining United Nations Global Compact

Chinese search engine Baidu (BIDU) officially announced that it has committed to be a member of the United Nations Global Compact to boost its daily management on corporate social responsibility.

Haier To Open 1,500 Chinese Specialty Stores

According to Su Ming, director of the marketing department for Haier’s air-conditioning products, the company will launch a CNY100 million special program to open 1,500 air-conditioner specialty stores across China during the 2009 air-conditioner year, which is from September 1 to August 31 next year.

China’s Retail Electronics Return Policy During Olympics

Beijing Consumers’ Association and Beijing Electronic and Electrical Appliance Association have started an initiative called “Our Consumption and Responsibility 2008”.

Haier Plans To Acquire GE’s Home Appliance Service

According to foreign media, after GE announced that it might sell its home appliance business, Zhang Ruimin, CEO of Chinese home appliance manufacturer Haier, immediately responded in the hope of grasping this last opportunity of acquiring an American household brand.