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Fujitsu Confirms PC Merger With Lenovo

Fujitsu’s president Tatsuya Tanaka says his company hopes to sign a PC business merger agreement with China’s Lenovo before March …

Microsoft Changes Greater China CEO

Alain Crozier MicrosoftMicrosoft announced that its Greater China Chairman and CEO Ralph Haupter will become Microsoft worldwide senior vice president and Asia …

Censorship Is LinkedIn’s China Friend As It Boasts User Milestone

LinkedIn Censorship in ChinaShen Boyang, LinkedIn’s global vice president and China president, said that the company’s number of users in China has surpassed …

China’s Gears Up For New Tech Growth

58comIts homepage may appear staid and plain, but the backend technology running Chinese classified information website is ramping up …

Big Blue’s Greater China CEO To Retire Next Month

IBM announced that its chief executive officer for the Greater China region Qian Daqun will retire on September 30, 2015. At the same time, Wang Tianxi has been appointed general manager of IBM Greater China and will report directly to IBM Greater China chairman Chen Liming. Qian joined IBM Taiwan in 1977. He worked in […]

HP Launches Moonshot Server In China

Focused on saving energy and space, HP unveiled its latest server product Moonshot in China. Low power consumption is the highlight of Moonshot server. This is realized by adopting Intel’s low-power Atom chip, which is normally used on tablets, smartphones, and netbooks. HP claimed that compared with existing servers, Moonshot can reduce power consumption by […]

Bribery Is "Made In China" For IBM

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission charged IBM with funneling gifts, cash, and entertainment to government officials in South Korea and China. Specifically, IBM was charged with violating the books and records and internal control provisions of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 as a result of the provision of improper cash payments, gifts, […]

IBM Cleanses Its China Ranks Of Corrupt Staff

IBM’s recent anti-corruption campaign in China has reportedly resulted in the resignation or downgrading of more than 120 employees in the company’s Chinese offices.
The Chinese media reported that about a month ago, over 120 employees from IBM China were investigated. Of them, about 100, including two top executives, were downgraded to a lower position and […]

IBM Develops Spam Message Testing System For China Mobile

IBM has developed a spam message testing and analyzing system for China Mobile, one of the world’s largest mobile operators, to help the company track the message sending habits of its users.
According to local media reports, China Mobile is using the new system in answer to a campaign launched by the Chinese government against unwanted […]

Asus, IBM Sign Agreement, End Legal Dispute

Chinese PC maker Asus has jointly announced with IBM that the two parties have signed a cross-licensing agreement to enhance their cooperation and to end the protracted patent infringement dispute between the two.
The dispute between Asus and IBM started at the end of 2007 when IBM complained to the United States International Trade Commission and […]