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Twitter’s Appointment Of New China Chief Won’t Mean Much

Twitter in ChinaJace Dorsey, chief executive officer of Twitter, announced via a tweet that the company has appointed Kathy Chen as Twitter’s …

Tencent Cloud Opens Outside Mainland China While Foreign Tech Still Blocked Inside Country

Tencent Cloud will officially launch its Hong Kong data center by the end of this week, marking the start of the Chinese Internet giant’s globalization strategy in the cloud computing sector. Tencent Cloud’s Hong Kong data center will reportedly focus on the Asia Pacific, Europe and American regions, providing comprehensive cloud computing services to those […]

American Search Engine Tries China, Again, which has failed to gain momentum in China against rivals like, has issued a statement that it will end its automatic redirect to its Hong Kong website.
David Drummond, Google’s senior vice president of corporate development and the chief legal officer, stated on the company’s official blog, “We currently automatically redirect everyone using […]