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China’s Baidu Makes American Blockchain Investment

Bitcoin virtual currencyChinese search engine has made a fintech investment in an American blockchain company. U.S. Bitcoin start-up Circle Internet Financial …

Kingsoft Cloud Completes Latest Financing Round

cloud computingChina’s Kingsoft says its cloud computing subsidiary has completed a third round of financing of USD60 million and its investors …

Huawei Will Soon Launch Public Cloud Services In China

At Huawei’s Global Analyst Summit, the company’s rotating CEO and deputy chairman Xu Zhijun said Huawei will launch public cloud services in China in July 2015. This launch will put Huawei in direct cloud service competition with Alibaba’s Aliyun service. Microsoft and Amazon already launched their public cloud services in China, but those services will […]

Alibaba Launches Financing Platform For Online Businesses

Chinese e-commerce provider Alibaba has announced an initiative to launch an online platform to help small and medium enterprises in China solve their difficulties in receiving financing. To Set Up Branch In Chengdu, one of the main online video service providers in China, has announced the completion of the fourth round of its financing and said that it will set up a branch in Chengdu within the year. Completes Fourth Financing Round, one of the many online video service providers in China, has secretly completed its fourth round of financing and obtained a total investment estimated to be US$57 million to US$70 million.

Telstra: Listed This Year

Sol Trujillo, CEO of Telecom Australia, said that, an online real estate information provider in China in which TA holds a 51% of the stake, will do an initial public offering in middle of this year.