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China’s Ministry Of Culture Issues Four Internet Cafe Chain Licenses

China’s Ministry of Culture has published announcements on its official website stating that it has issued the first batch of four licenses for operating Internet cafe retail chains in China. The four companies that gain the netcafe licenses are T-Matrix, Beijing Zhonglu Shikong, Beijing Read China, and CECT-Chinacomm Communications. The issuance of the licenses represents […]

Over 200 Kunming Internet Cafes Realize Software Legalization

Information from a communication meeting for a cooperation project between Microsoft and Internet cafes in Yunnan province revealed that since the launch of the project in 2009, over 200 Internet cafes in Kunming, capital of Yunnan, have realized software legalization.
The project, according to local media, was jointly launched by Microsoft and Internet cafes in Yunnan […]

Ministry Of Culture Sets Standards For Establishing Chinese Internet Cafes

China’s Ministry of Culture has just promulgated a new rule to strengthen the management of netcafes and to promote the development of netcafe enterprises.
According to the new rule, which is called “Guidelines on the Registration and Identification of Netcafe Enterprises in China”, companies that want to be registered as a national chain netcafe must meet […]

China’s Internet Cafe Associations Publish Joint Declaration

China’s Internet cafe industry associations in 30 provinces and cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shaanxi, Dalian, Xiamen, and Guangzhou, have jointly published a self-discipline declaration on “Internet cafe industry purification”.
With the aim of assisting the government’s crackdown on illegal Internet cafes and promoting the healthy development of the Internet cafe industry in China, these associations announced […]

Campaign Launched Against Chinese Internet “Cultural Irregularities”

From July 1, 2009, China will launch a nationwide special campaign focused on netcafes and computer games that help spread “cultural irregularities”.
China’s Ministry of Culture has issued a circular which states that from July 1 to October 31, the nationwide campaign will be carried out to manage the cultural market.
With the approach of the summer […]

Hainan Exposes Illegal Internet Cafes

Hainan’s Cultural Bureau is carrying out a program jointly with local media to expose illegal netcafes in the southern Chinese province.
Six kinds of netcafes are subject to exposure in the media. The six are “black” netcafes, which have never been fully licensed; netcafes that have already had their business licenses confiscated in the past; netcafes […]

Microsoft Promotes Legitimate Software At Chinese Internet Cafes

According to a measure on unified outsourcing of legitimate Microsoft products by netcafes in Dongguan, Microsoft aims to push netcafes in Dongguan to use legitimate software within five years.
Under the measure, and assuming that most software currently used is not legal, software used at netcafes in Dongguan will be legitimate in five years with 20% […]

Hubei To Promote Real-name System

To set up a long-term effective system for the management of Internet information, China’s Hubei province now plans to promote the real-name system for users wishing to create websites and blogs.
Recently, libel cases and privacy infringement issues have become serious problems on the Chinese Internet, especially in the blog and video sharing sectors. To solve […]

Say Cheese: Photos Now Mandatory When Entering All Beijing Internet Cafes

The Beijing government has launched an enhanced Internet cafe monitoring rule which states that people who visit Internet cafes for the first time need to have their picture taken and have their identification cards scanned.

Microsoft Increases Investments In Rural China

Microsoft (MSFT) says it will increase its investments in China next month by donating two fully equipped InfoWagons, open a Partners in Learning school, launch a Family Education PC program for rural communities in Miyun county outside Beijing, and provide digital literacy content and training in libraries and iCafes across Xinjiang.