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Chinese Websites Fail On DNS Outage Suspected From US Location

The domestic Chinese Internet has been going haywire for many users over the last twelve hours. Starting at around 13:00 yesterday, January 21 (+8 GMT), China’s top-level domains appeared to have a DNS failure lasting for about two hours. Though much of the failure has already gone away, some Internet users may still see website […] Releases Chinese Internet Protocol Address Lookup Tool

Hong Kong, January 15, 2014 / – – Internet Protocol addresses are everywhere — in our mobile phones, in our tablets, in our computers, and now also in our refrigerators, toasters, and cars. With the Internet of Things, pretty much everything is going to have an IP address sooner or later, so has … >>>

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Tencent Launches IP Encryption To Upgrade QQ Privacy Protection

Tencent plans to introduce an IP encryption policy in its instant messaging software QQ to better protect the privacy and information security of its users.

Experts: Chinese Internet Armageddon Not On The Horizon

China’s technology media reports have been awash this week with news that China might soon run out of Internet Protocol addresses, and therefore Chinese Internet users will lose their ability to get online. But now a new wave of reports say this is all exaggeration.

CNNIC: China’s Internet Will Be Short Of IP Addresses Soon

The Internet in China may soon run out. According to the China Internet Network Information Center, under the current allocation speed, China’s IPv4 address resources can only meet the demand of 830 more days and if no proper measures are taken by then, new Chinese netizens will not be able to gain normal access to […]

SED Update: Cisco Signs Agreements With Chinese Bank, Telecom

During discussions at the Strategic Economic Dialogue between China and the United States, Cisco (CSCO) China has signed separate cooperation agreements with China Mobile and China Construction Bank.