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Chinese Government Will Invest CNY20 Billion To Promote IPv6

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China says it will continue to promote the Internet sector’s adoption of IPv6 with an investment of over CNY20 billion. Chen Jiachun, deputy director of the Communications Development Department of MIIT, said during the Global IPv6 and Next-Generation Internet Summit that MIIT will coordinate with related government […]

Experts: Chinese Internet Armageddon Not On The Horizon

China’s technology media reports have been awash this week with news that China might soon run out of Internet Protocol addresses, and therefore Chinese Internet users will lose their ability to get online. But now a new wave of reports say this is all exaggeration.

CNNIC: China’s Internet Will Be Short Of IP Addresses Soon

The Internet in China may soon run out. According to the China Internet Network Information Center, under the current allocation speed, China’s IPv4 address resources can only meet the demand of 830 more days and if no proper measures are taken by then, new Chinese netizens will not be able to gain normal access to […]

NDRC Urges Commercial Trial Of IPv6 In China

The National Development and Reform Commission of China has released a special notice on the commercial trial and the equipment industrialization of IPv6 on its official website.