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China To Resume Personal Website Domain Name Registrations

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has issued to domain name registrars a circular which asks further work to be done to verify the registration information of websites in the coming weeks.
MIIT issued a circular and initiated a government-led crackdown on pornographic content in December 2009 when it asked domain name service providers to […]

ISC Publishes Proposal On Running Civilized Chinese Websites

The Internet Society of China has published a proposal calling on Internet service providers and […]

Search Engine Marketing Regulation Published In China

The Internet Society of China, China Communications Standards Association, and Chinese search engine company have jointly published the Search Engine Marketing Standard and Regulation.
Huang Chengqing, vice chairman and secretary-general of ISC, told local media that the launch of this Search Engine Marketing Standard and Regulation represents a new development stage within the Internet search […]

ISC Establishes Network Credit Promotion Alliance With Six Websites

The Internet Society of China has set up the Network Credit Promotion Alliance with,,, and
The alliance will arrange experts for special studies of Internet and e-commerce credibility, and gradually launch services like website real name verification; network credit certification; information exchange and sharing among alliance members; building pre-warning platforms for […]

September 14 Named Netizens’ Day In China

The Internet Society of China announced at the First China Netizen Cultural Festival held in Beijing this week that the day September 14 will henceforth be designated as Netizens’ Day in China.

Chinese Websites Shamed On CIIIRC’s Blacklist

The China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Centre has released its “No.1 Report”, which exposes the illegal spread of risque information of some Chinese websites and combines the names of those websites onto a blacklist.

MIIT Launches Chinese Anti-spam Software For Mobile Phones

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China has formally launched mobile phone anti-spam software.

Chinese Websites Call On Establishing New Internet Culture

More than 50 Chinese websites, including and, have held an activity in Beijing, calling on Chinese Internet service providers to jointly welcome the Beijing Olympic Games by setting up a new online ethos.

ISC Shutters Services Of More Than 4300 Chinese Open Email Relays

Huang Chengqing, secretary general of the Internet Society of China, has disclosed that ISC has closed down the open email proxies and relays of more than 4300 email service providers.

MII Sets Up Email Spam Message Reporting Center

A new spam message reporting center has been formally set up in Beijing.