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Chinese Government Blocks Symantec, Kaspersky From Procurement List

The Chinese government has reportedly excluded the American anti-virus company Symantec and Russian anti-virus company Kaspersky from its list of qualified suppliers. People’s Daily, an official newspaper of the Chinese government, previously revealed via its social media channel that the Chinese government procurement department had excluded Symantec and Kaspersky from its information security software suppliers […]

Jiangmin: Green Dam Has Security Hole

According to the Chinese security software company Jiangmin, the Green Dam Youth Escort software promoted by the Chinese government that aims to prevent young people from viewing pornographic websites has a security backdoor and hackers can take advantage of the loophole to spread virus.
The company said that the loophole exists in the filtering function of […]

Jiangmin Launches Anti-virus Software 2009 Version

Jiangmin, one of China’s leading anti-virus software provider, has recently launched its anti-virus product for 2009, KV2009, starting a new round market of competition in China’s busy anti-virus software sector.