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IBM Enters China’s Smart Traffic Market

IBM (IBM) has announced that the company acquired an approximate 20% stake in the Qingdao-based Hisense TransTech Company Ltd., a leading Chinese smart traffic solution provider, marking the entry of IBM into China’s smart traffic sector.

Alibaba To Explore European Market

At the opening ceremony of a large investment activity called “Road to London” held in Beijing by Think London, the official foreign direct investment service organization of London, Chinese IT companies, including and Geong International, announced that they will open London offices to explore the European market and to accelerate their internationalization.

Shenzhen Airlines To Bring Mobile Phone Service On Board

Shenzhen Airlines says that it will start running mobile phone service on some of its flights before the Beijing Olympic Games begin in August.

China Mobile Opens Europe, Middle East & Africa Branch

China Mobile will open a Europe, Middle East and Africa headquarters in London to provide service to overseas Chinese. In addition, the company also plans to build virtual mobile networks in Europe.