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Kingsoft Network To Invest CNY30 Million For Cloud Security Platform

Kingsoft Network, the Chinese company established by the merger of Kingsoft Internet Security Software Holdings Limited and Keniu Network, has announced plans to invest CNY30 million in a project named “Cloud Shield”, and it will formally open the API of its cloud security platform to partners. So far, companies like and Maxthon have reportedly […]

China’s Kingsoft Net Profit Up 26% In 2009

Chinese software and online game provider Kingsoft has published its annual financial report for 2009, stating that its total operating revenue for 2009 increased by 25% year-on-year to CNY1.022 billion, including 67% contributed by the online game business and 32% from software.
Kingsoft said that the operating revenue of its online game sector was CNY684.2 million […]

Chinese Internet Shopping Security Alliance To Be Established

Chinese anti-virus solution provider Kingsoft says it will join hands with e-commerce service provider, […]

APAC Teams With Netcraft To Fight Phishing Websites In China

The Anti-Phishing Alliance of China has decided to cooperate with the international network security company Netcraft to jointly fight phishing and hacking websites in China.
Statistics published at the annual conference of APAC show that by October 22, 2009, a total of 8,342 phishing websites had been punished and none of these websites had any complaints […]

Kingsoft, Maxthon To Jointly Develop Secure Browser

To fight phishing websites and to further protect the legal rights and interests of Chinese Internet users, Chinese Internet security provider Kingsoft and one of China’s largest third-party browser providers Maxthon have established a cooperation.
The two parties will work to enhance the security of Web browsing. A Maxthon-Kingsoft web shield product has also been launched […] Plans Chinese Web Browser

A representative from (SOHU) has confirmed that the Chinese Internet company plans to launch its own Internet browser product, but the detailed schedule for making it available to users has not been released.