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Chinese Govt To Promote Parental Supervision Project In Online Game Industry

Eight Chinese administrations, including the Ministry of Culture, Central Civilization Office, and the Ministry of Education, have jointly issued an implementation plan to launch a new project to enable parents to supervise their children who play online games. Effective from March 1, 2011, this new project will be applied in the online game industry across […]

China’s Ministry Of Culture To Clear Illegal Music Websites

China’s Ministry of Culture has published a notice stating that it will further clear the Chinese online music market and shut down irregular and illegal music websites. A representative from the Culture Market Department of the Ministry revealed to the local media that the notice about clearing irregular music websites has been deployed to the […]

China’s Ministry Of Culture Issues Four Internet Cafe Chain Licenses

China’s Ministry of Culture has published announcements on its official website stating that it has issued the first batch of four licenses for operating Internet cafe retail chains in China. The four companies that gain the netcafe licenses are T-Matrix, Beijing Zhonglu Shikong, Beijing Read China, and CECT-Chinacomm Communications. The issuance of the licenses represents […]

Ministry Of Culture Issues Chinese Rules For Internet Games

To ensure an efficient management of the online games industry and make sure prominent problems of the industry are solved, China’s Ministry of Culture has issued a provisional measure on the management of online games.
As the first ministerial level regulation on computer games, the 39-clause provisional measure gives clear stipulations on the content, market subject, […]

Ministry Of Culture Sets Standards For Establishing Chinese Internet Cafes

China’s Ministry of Culture has just promulgated a new rule to strengthen the management of netcafes and to promote the development of netcafe enterprises.
According to the new rule, which is called “Guidelines on the Registration and Identification of Netcafe Enterprises in China”, companies that want to be registered as a national chain netcafe must meet […]

More Computer Game Companies Exposed For Illegal Operations In China

Coming days after word that was illegally running its World of Warcraft game, China’s Ministry of Culture has issued a circular which exposes 188 computer games companies for illegal operations.
These 188 companies were said to be the seventh batch of illegal games operators ever exposed by China’s Ministry of Culture.
Among the 188 companies, 14, […]

Chinese Game Regulations Cause Giant Interactive’s Revenue To Fall

Taking advantage of the weeklong national holiday in China, online game development company Giant Interactive Group Inc. has tried to sneak through a press release that should cause alarm for investors.
Giant Interactive announced that after a preliminary review of its third quarter 2009 performance, it expects third quarter 2009 revenue to be between CNY272.0 million […]

Oak Pacific Interactive’s Three SNS Games Closed For Involvement Of Gang Theme

China’s Ministry of Culture has published a notice on its official website, stating that it will start to investigate gang-themed illegal online games in China.
The Ministry of Culture pointed out in the notice that gang-themed illegal online games seriously threaten and distort the social laws and ethics of China, and these themes will bring bad […]

Campaign Launched Against Chinese Internet “Cultural Irregularities”

From July 1, 2009, China will launch a nationwide special campaign focused on netcafes and computer games that help spread “cultural irregularities”.
China’s Ministry of Culture has issued a circular which states that from July 1 to October 31, the nationwide campaign will be carried out to manage the cultural market.
With the approach of the summer […]

China Implements Stricter Management Of Virtual Currency

China’s Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Commerce have jointly focused on the management of virtual money for online games with a new regulation which states that virtual currency should not be used in trade of real goods and services.
According to the regulation, the enhanced management of online games focuses on four aspects: the issuers […]