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Internet Businesses Push Alibaba’s Online Subsidiary To Postpone Contract Signings, the B2C section of Alibaba’s website, has published a report stating that its 2012 contract signings and renewals, which were planned to be launched on October 17, 2011, have been postponed. The company said they will soon publish another report to inform clients about the new start date of the contract signing and […]

China’s Mofcom To Regulate Internet Sales Of Foreign Enterprises

China’s Ministry of Commerce has issued a notice to regulate the sales activities of foreign-invested enterprises that are engaged in either Internet sales or vending machine sales. According to the notice, foreign enterprises who want to operate Internet sales business should submit applications to the respective provincial commerce departments and the departments will examine and […]

EU Launches Anti-dumping Case Against Chinese Wireless Wide Area Networking Modems

The European Union has launched anti-dumping investigation against Chinese-made wireless wide area networking modems. In a case valued at USD4.1 billion, the official website of the Ministry of Commerce of China, states this case may harm interactions between Europe and China. A representative from the ministry told local media that this is the first time […]

China Lowers Corporate Income Tax Rate For 186 Software Enterprises

Chinese government departments have jointly issued a notice about key software enterprises included in China’s […] Trade Value Reached CNY99.96 Billion In 2008

Chinese Internet auction and e-commerce website has announced that its trade value in 2008 reached CNY99.96 billion, making it one of the largest comprehensive shopping platforms in China.