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Lenovo Cuts 3,200 Employees Worldwide

China’s Lenovo Group announced that they will cut about 3,200 non-manufacturing employees worldwide. Lenovo announced this decision in its financial report for the first quarter of the 2015/16 financial year. The company said facing the dramatic decline of PC sales, Lenovo Group must continue to improve effectiveness and cut expenses. They will reduce about 3,200 […]

Goodbye Moto! Google Flips Failed Motorola Mobility Unit To China’s Lenovo

China-based Lenovo is either the world’s savviest business negotiator or in for a crude surprise as it purchases the dilapidated remnants of Motorola Mobility from Google for about USD2.91 billion. Google had purchased much of the same assets from Motorola only three years ago for USD12.5 billion, so Lenovo’s purchase comes at an incredible discount. […]

Xiaomi’s Latest Google Android Hire Faces Uncertain Mobile Future

Hugo Barra, the vice president for Android product management at Google, has taken a new job at China-based smartphone maker Xiaomi. Foreign media have reported extensively over the past day that Barra’s departure from Google is a dark omen for the search engine, but a boon for the Chinese startup Xiaomi, which values itself at […]

HTC, Intertrust Sign Patent License Agreement

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC will pay to gain patent licenses from Intertrust Technologies Corporation; meanwhile, the Taiwanese company will acquire a 20% stake in SyncTV, a subsidiary of Intertrust. According to HTC, the involved patent licenses are mainly related to digital copyrights management technologies. However, the company did not reveal the acquisition price for the […]

Huawei Announces Legal Truce With Motorola

U.S.-based Motorola Solutions Inc. has entered into an agreement with China’s Huawei Technologies Company Ltd. to settle all pending litigation between the two parties pending the satisfaction of certain conditions. “We regret that these disputes have occurred between our two companies. Motorola Solutions values the long-standing relationship we have had with Huawei. After reviewing the […]

China’s Huawei Accused Of Trade Secret Theft By Motorola

Motorola has raised a lawsuit against the Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei in the United States, accusing the Chinese company of trade secret theft. Motorola claimed that during a certain period in the 1990s, many of its former employees offered detailed information about Motorola’s networking structure technologies, including seamless mobile solutions, to Huawei. In an […]

China Unicom WCDMA Tender Result Revealed

According to an insider quoted by local Chinese media, the result for China Unicom’s WCDMA tender has been revealed, though the detailed statistics are currently not available.

China Unicom Pushes WCDMA Tender For Commercial Launch On May 17

According to an insider from China Unicom, the company has required its branches in major Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, to finish construction of WCDMA networks before April 17, 2009, and then to start a one-month internal operation and system test to make preparations for the official launch of the commercial use of […]

Electrolux China’s President Steps Down

The world’s leading home appliances maker Electrolux has announced that its president for the China area Li Yan has departed from her position, replaced by Electrolux’s president for Asia Pacific Gunilla Nordstrom, who holds a concurrent post.

Report: China’s Mobile Phone Sales Decreased 2.7% In Q3 2008

According to the latest report on China’s mobile terminal market in the third quarter of 2008 released by the market research firm Analysys International, 34.79 million mobile phones were sold in China from July to September 2008, decreasing 2.7% compared with the second quarter of 2008.