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State Grid Corporation of China Snubs Nose At Microsoft

State Grid Corporation of China and Kingsoft have reached an agreement for the monolithic State Grid to purchase WPS Office 2007, a office software product from Kingsoft.

Microsoft Partners With D.Phone To Promote Software

After specializing in China’s mobile phone operating system for up to six years, Microsoft (MSFT) has now begun to try to increase its market share in the mobile phone operating system market through cooperation with D.Phone, one of the largest mobile phone retailers in China.

Microsoft Gives Chinese Users More Choices With Software Support

Microsoft (MSFT) is expanding the range of document formats supported in its Office productivity suite.

Microsoft Signs IPR Agreement With Suzhou

Microsoft (MSFT) has signed a memorandum of understanding with Suzhou Municipal Intellectual Property Right Bureau on protecting intellectual property rights.

IT Companies Closed For Sichuan Earthquake

Many international IT companies have been affected by the earthquake that hit Wenchuan, Sichuan Province on May 12.

Microsoft Invests $280 Million Building New R&D Center In China

Software giant Microsoft (MSFT) says it will invest US$280 million to building a research and development center in Beijing.

Ma Says: Microsoft Preparing Search Engine Development In China

Ma Weiying, principal researcher and research area manager for Microsoft (MSFT) Research Asia in Beijing, says that Microsoft has arranged a large team for the development of search engines in China and expects to make some achievements in the field in the coming years.

New Efforts On Converting Chinese Linux Users To SUSE Linux Enterprise

Microsoft (MSFT) and Novell (NOVL) have announced an incremental investment in their relationship focused on converting unsupported Linux users to supported SUSE Linux Enterprise, with a particular emphasis on the Chinese market.

First Source Code, Now Free Software In China

Following the partial opening of its source code, Microsoft has now announced plans to provide free software to college students, including those studying in China.