Posts Tagged ‘nasdaq’’s Parent Internet Company Files For Bankruptcy Protection

CDC Corporation, the first Chinese Internet company listed in Nasdaq, has reportedly filed for bankruptcy protection. The Hong Kong-listed Inc., a subsidiary of CDC Corporation, announced that its website will not be affected by bankruptcy protection of the parent and be operated continually and normally. CDC said that the company has filed a voluntary […]

China’s Reinvigorates IPO Plans As CEO Settles Marital Dispute

Amid a thunderous drop in Chinese companies’ market capitalization in recent weeks, has filed an amendment to its filing for an initial public offering in the United States to raise money for its online video operations in China. In filings issued hours ago, Tudou Holdings Limited says a lawsuit between Chairman and CEO Gary […]

China’s ZTE Sued For Patent Infringement In U.S.

U.S. broadband service provider Novatel Wireless has sued its competitors Franklin Wireless and ZTE for infringing five patents related to its MiFi mobile hotspot equipment. According to local media reports, Novatel Wireless’ MiFi Intelligent Mobile Hotspot equipment can access to the Internet via the cellular data network. The MiFi line creates a personal cloud of […]

Follow-up: Sues Over Reputation Assault

Chinese video website announced that it has sued at Beijing Haidian People’s Court for Sohu’s infringements of Youku’s copyrights and harming Youku’s reputation.
Prior to this,, along with and Union Voole Technology Company, initiated an anti-piracy alliance aimed at video websites in China. said it would initiate lawsuits against major Chinese […]

Chinese Internet Advertising Company Submits IPO Application

China’s Focus Media (FMCN) announced that its wholly owned subsidiary Allyes Online Media Holding Ltd. is preparing to be listed in the United States.

Chinese Internet Search Engine Gets Sued In The USA

Chinese Internet music provider has filed a lawsuit against Chinese Internet search engine (BIDU) at the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Alibaba Killer? Chinese Ministries Unveil New B2C Website, a new B2C portal website jointly promoted by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Commerce, has been formally unveiled.

Bad Address Leads To PacificNet Nasdaq Distress

Nasdaq has told PacificNet (PACT.PK) that as a result of the resignation of one of the company’s directors, PacificNet is no longer in compliance with the independent director requirement of Rule 4350 of Nasdaq’s Marketplace Rules.