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Nothing Artificial About Baidu’s AI Approval In China

The China National Development and Reform Commission has granted Baidu regulatory approval to launch an artificial intelligence research center. The …

Qihoo 360’s Privatization Approved By NDRC

Qihoo360According to information published by an online regulatory approval platform for investment project under China’s National Development and Reform Commission, …

Cisco Will Plunge Over USD10 Billion Into China

With heat bearing down on their necks in China from local competitors Huawei and ZTE, Cisco has decided to invest more into their China operations. The U.S.-based company plans to invest over USD10 billion in China over the next few years to support local innovation with a series of strategic measures. Cisco made this promise […]

China’s National Development And Reform Commission Urges End To Broadband Oligopoly

Recent machinations in China suggest the Chinese telecommunications companies may be near the end of monopolizing their sector. Xu Kunlin, director of the bureau of price supervision and anti-monopoly at the National Development and Reform Commission, revealed to local media that the commission has been urging China Telecom and China Unicom to continue to rectify […]

China Lowers Corporate Income Tax Rate For 186 Software Enterprises

Chinese government departments have jointly issued a notice about key software enterprises included in China’s […]

Foreign Tech Companies Upset That Chinese Don’t Want To Buy Their Products

Foreigners often complain that Chinese technology firms lack innovation, but a new initiative where non-Chinese […]

Qualcomm Grants CDMA Patent License To Chinese Firm

U.S.-based Qualcomm (QCOM) has granted China’s LT Mobile Communication a worldwide patent license to develop, manufacture and sell subscriber units implementing the CDMA2000 standard.

MIIT Orders Chinese Telecom Operators To Eliminate SMS Price Differences

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and National Development and Reform Commission have jointly published a notice which orders Chinese telecom operators to set a unified price before January 15, 2009 for short messages sent within a network and between different networks.

Six Chinese Home Appliances Products Need To Mark Energy Efficiency

The National Development and Reform Commission of China has published the fourth edition of its energy efficiency labeling catalog, which states that six kinds of home appliances should now be sold with energy efficiency labels.

Investments In China’s IT Industry Over CNY172.59 Billion In The First Nine Months

According to a report on investments in China’s high-tech industry in the first nine months of 2008 released by the High Technology Industry Department of the National Development and Reform Commission of China, by September 30, 2008, about CNY153.37 billion has been invested in China’s electronics and communication equipment manufacturing industry and the investments in […]