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NetEase Gains Chinese Government Approval To Operate Online Game

Chinese Internet media company Inc. now has approval to run its World of Warcraftmore….

More Computer Game Companies Exposed For Illegal Operations In China

Coming days after word that was illegally running its World of Warcraft game, China’s Ministry of Culture has issued a circular which exposes 188 computer games companies for illegal operations.
These 188 companies were said to be the seventh batch of illegal games operators ever exposed by China’s Ministry of Culture.
Among the 188 companies, 14, […]

The9 Sues Blizzard Entertainment In Shanghai Over Online Game

According to information from Shanghai’s court website, Chinese online game operator The9 is targeting the American game developer Blizzard Entertainment in two lawsuits which involve property loss compensation and commercial defamation, respectively.
While the court’s website at shows the cases will soon be heard, and a representative from The9 has confirmed the news to local […]

What Are Chinese Netizens Talking About? Naked Pictures, Earthquake, And More…

Chinese Internet portal (NTES) has released its 2008 China Internet Communication Report which summarizes the hot topics being searched and discussed on the Internet and Chinese blogosphere.