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Huawei’s Data Center And Innovation Labs Bring Investment To New Zealand

New Zealand’s government revealed that Chinese telecom device maker Huawei will invest NZD400 million, which is about CNY1.938 billion, in …

Nothing Artificial About Baidu’s AI Approval In China

The China National Development and Reform Commission has granted Baidu regulatory approval to launch an artificial intelligence research center. The …

Global Users Will Soon Trust Baidu Maps Around The World

lostChinese search engine, which censors its nuanced and oft-irrelevant search results, is now hoping its global maps will be …

YouTube Launches Simplified Chinese Interface, a video website owned by Google, has formally launched its Simplified Chinese interface, marking the key step for Google’s indirect entry into China’s video sector.

Alipay Enters Australia Through Partnership With Paymate

Alipay, a subsidiary of Alibaba, has announced in Hangzhou the launching of Hai Wai Bao, a new Chinese shopping platform which has been jointly set up between Alipay and Australia’s online payment company Paymate.

Chinese And American Police Cooperated On Fighting Pirates

Right before the World Intellectual Property Rights Day on April 26, 2008, the Shenzhen Procuratorial Department published details of a software piracy case jointly uncovered by police from China and the United States.

Oracle Supports China’s Western Development With Two New Centers

Oracle (ORCL), one of the world’s largest enterprise software suppliers, has moved its Chengdu branch to Chengdu High-tech Zone where it has also unveiled its Oracle China Consulting Service Center and Chengdu Solution Center.