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China To Tighten Control Of News Sites With Stricter Rules

Chinese government national emblem sealChina intends to further tighten control over the country’s digital news and content websites with stricter requirements, after several earlier …

Foreigners Can Now Invest In Xinhua News Agency’s Video Offspring

China Xinhua News Network Corporation, the Chinese state-owned television network owned by the Xinhua News Agency, announced that the restructuring and listing of the video assets of the Xinhua News Agency has been completed in Hong Kong, providing international capital market platform support to the development of the overseas television business of Xinhua News Agency. […]

China’s Launches News Search Service, the Chinese news website sponsored by the official Xinhua News Agency, has launched a multilingual, multimedia and multi-website news search system.

AOL Opens Chinese Website

America Online finally opened its Chinese website on September 9, 2008. To Develop Finance Area With

Chinese Internet search engine (BIDU) has signed a strategic cooperative agreement with to develop Baidu’s finance area and offer a better comprehensive financial information service to its users.