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Global Users Will Soon Trust Baidu Maps Around The World

lostChinese search engine, which censors its nuanced and oft-irrelevant search results, is now hoping its global maps will be …

AutoNavi Boasts Over 500 Million Map Users

AutoNaviChinese map and navigation services provider AutoNavi announced that by the end of January 2016, the number of its map …

Google’s Head Of Greater China To Depart

Google announced that John Liu, Google’s head of Greater China and global vice president, will soon depart the company, and his role will be taken over by Scott Beaumont, who leads Google’s partnerships business in Europe, in August 2013. Public files show that Liu joined Google in January 2008 as Google’s global vice president, leading […]

China Will Issue Internet Map Licenses In June 2010

A representative from the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping of China has revealed that the bureau will issue the first batch of licenses to Chinese Internet map service providers in June 2010.
The representative also said that by the end of 2010, companies still operating Internet map services without the license will be prosecuted in […]

Chinese Government Agencies Will Fight Illegal Publication Of Internet Maps

Seven Chinese government departments, including the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, have jointly announced plans to start a one-year campaign to promote a nationwide rectification of China’s geographical information market and to fight illegal surveying and illegal publication of Internet maps.
In recent years, China’s geographical information services have developed rapidly with an average annual […]

State Secrets: China Investigates Google’s Online Mapping Service

China has launched an investigation into online mapping services by such Internet service providers as Google (GOOG) China and other Chinese websites in an effort to protect state secrets and territorial integrity.