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Alibaba Throws Money At Internet Privacy

Hu Xiaoming, Alibaba’s vice president for small- and micro-financial group and chief risk officer, announced in Beijing that the company will invest CNY40 million to establish a security fund. The security fund will be used to fight Internet phishing, trojans, money laundering, malicious attacks, and to protect user information. The security fund will cooperate with […]

China’s Kingsoft Invests CNY100 Million To Help Search Engines Fight Phishing

Chinese Internet security company Kingsoft Network has announced plans to invest CNY100 million to establish a search security laboratory. This lab will reportedly focus on the research of security issues related to Chinese search engines, including phishing websites, malicious links, hidden link implants, link stealing, and privacy leaks. It will analyze technologies used for malicious […]

Google’s State-Sponsored Attack Warning To Chinese Internet Users Hits Anemic Roadblock

Google’s latest attempt to warn and protect Chinese Internet users reveals the company’s misunderstanding of how its services are accessed in China. Some users in China who have logged onto their accounts in recent days have been delivered messages by Google that read: “Warning: We believe state-sponsored attackers may be attempting to compromise your […]

Kingsoft Network To Invest CNY30 Million For Cloud Security Platform

Kingsoft Network, the Chinese company established by the merger of Kingsoft Internet Security Software Holdings Limited and Keniu Network, has announced plans to invest CNY30 million in a project named “Cloud Shield”, and it will formally open the API of its cloud security platform to partners. So far, companies like and Maxthon have reportedly […]

Kingsoft, Tencent Join Baidu’s Chinese Internet Ethics Cleansing Campaign

Chinese Internet companies Kingsoft and Tencent have announced their intentions to join Baidu’s recently launched campaign to make the Chinese Internet a safer place. They are aiming to crack down on false information in the Chinese Internet shopping sector and to provide a safe and reliable online shopping environment for netizens. The three parties will […]

Kingsoft Launches Privacy Protection Software In China

Chinese Internet security software provider Kingsoft has launched new privacy protection software, aiming to protect the private files of users. Kingsoft announced that its new privacy protection product will not only protect users’ documents and chatting records on various instant messaging platforms, but also allow users to customize their private files and cookies. According to […]

Chinese Agency Warns Of Computer Virus

China’s National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center has published a notice, stating that it found a new type of virus named Stuxnet through its Internet monitoring. According to experts, the virus spreads via mobile storage devices and local area networks; and it takes advantage of loopholes existing in Siemens’ control system, SIMATIC WinCC/Step7, to infect […]

APAC: 4,000 Fake "Taobao" Websites Closed By July 2010

The Anti-Phishing Alliance of China has announced that by the end of July 2010, the alliance had received 19,817 reports related to phishing websites, and e-commerce websites were the most imitated ones. According to APAC, the number of phishing website reports in the first seven months of 2010 was more than double compared with the […]

New Free Anti-virus Software Launched In China

Fu Sheng, former general manager of the Chinese security software provider 360 and CEO of the emerging Internet company, has announced the launch of Keniu’s first free-of-charge anti-virus product.
According to the official website of, the newly-launched software integrates the world’s leading anti-virus engines and the self-developed cloud engine to realize complete elimination of […]

Anti-virus Products Of 360, Rising, Kingsoft Pass VB100 Tests

Virus Bulletin, the international anti-virus software certification organization, has published the latest results for its VB100 tests, in which anti-virus products of Chinese security companies 360, Rising and Kingsoft gained certifications.
Virus Bulletin’s report shows that the anti-virus product of 360 has great advantages for various indices. At the same time, though some of Kingsoft’s products […]