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LeEco To Close Cloud Disk Personal Services At End Of June 2017

The Chinese government’s tightening noose on illegal Internet content has found its latest victim: LeEco. LeEco’s cloud disk service announced …

Microsoft, HP, Samsung Sign Anti-piracy Agreement For Chinese Market

Microsoft has signed an anti-piracy agreement with HP and Samsung to ensure the installation of genuine Windows and Office software on their PCs sold in the Chinese market. Microsoft previously announced this agreement when the company launched its latest anti-piracy campaign in Nanjing, Jiangsu province. According to the agreement, HP and Samsung will ask their […]

Microsoft China Sues Ten Dealers For Pirated Software Installations

Microsoft China has announced that it has sued ten Chinese computer dealers for pre-installation of pirated Microsoft software on sold PCs. The ten dealers are Beijing Yuntong Shidai Technology Trade Company; Beijing Yuchen Shimei Technology Company; Beijing Sinetec Technology Company; Shanghai Summit Technology Company; Nanjing Bibang Network Technology Development Company; Nanjing Herun Technology Company; Guangzhou […]

Shanda Literature Will Sue In January 2010

Shanda Literature, the Internet literature subsidiary of Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limited, has announced that it […]

SARFT: Over 530 BitTorrent Websites Shut In China

Rectification of Internet audio-visual services in China has been raised to a new level and […]

Chinese Software Pirate Sentenced To 3.5 Years In Jail

Hong Lei, webmaster of and maker of the pirated edition of Windows XP in China, has been sentenced to 3.5 years in jail in addition to a fine of CNY1 million.
According to information from Microsoft in local media, the punishments were announced by the People’s Court of Huqiu district of Suzhou during the first […]

Shanghai Imposes Strict Measures To Fight Pre-installed Pirated Software

Microsoft (MSFT) and the Shanghai Copyright Bureau have jointly held a forum to begin cooperating to find and destroy bootleg operating systems and software installed on wayward computers in Shanghai.

NCAC: 85% Online Olympic Pirate Broadcasts Are In Developed Countries

Yan Xiaohong, vice director of the General Administration of Press and Publication of China and vice director of the National Copyright Administration of China, said at a press conference held in the Beijing International Media Center that over the three days after the opening of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, about 1,600 online Olympic pirated […]

Chinese And American Police Cooperated On Fighting Pirates

Right before the World Intellectual Property Rights Day on April 26, 2008, the Shenzhen Procuratorial Department published details of a software piracy case jointly uncovered by police from China and the United States.