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Beijing’s Public Security Bureau Forms Internet Security Alliance

The network security safeguard team of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Chinese Internet security company Qihoo 360 jointly announced they will establish a network security anti-fraud initiative. The initiative’s official website at has officially started operation. Meanwhile, Ye Manqing, director of the network security safeguard team, announced that with the approval […]

Chinese Internet Users Can Report Online Fraudsters Via New Baidu Service

Chinese search engine company Baidu Inc. has launched an Internet platform to accept netizens’ complaints about information promoted by the search engine service at Via this new platform, Chinese Internet users can report suspected illegal information or Internet fraudsters among those results promoted by the search engine service at Baidu. The platform will accept […]

Hong Kong Confiscates Illegal Mobile Phone Jamming Devices

A joint raid conducted yesterday by the Hong Kong police and Hong Kong’s Office of the Telecommunications Authority was aimed at curtailing the sale of illegal mobile phone jammers. The raid was aimed at the Shamshuipo area against radio dealers who were suspected of selling mobile phone jammers. In the operation, OFTA claims a total […]

Qihoo 360: Chinese Government Interferes In Tencent Internet Dispute

Qi Xiangdong, president of Qihoo 360, revealed during a local media interview that China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Ministry of Public Security have interfered in the dispute between his company and Tencent. The Chinese Internet media and e-commerce firm Tencent previously announced that it will shut down its instant messaging service QQ […]

Hong Kong Government Increases IT Budget For New Projects

According to Jeremy Richard Godfrey, chief information officer for Hong Kong government, Hong Kong plans to increase its information technology budget for 2010, aiming to develop five major innovative technology projects.
Godfrey told local media the government will launch a special measure to allocate HKD63 million to the education department for the promotion of a one-year […]

China Punishes 6330 Phishing Websites

According to Anti-Phishing Alliance of China, as of August 31, 2009, APAC had dealt with up to 6330 online phishing websites in recent months.
APAC mainly focused on two types of phishing websites: fake lucky-draw websites that imitate such famous companies as CCTV and Tencent, and websites that mock webpages of online payment service providers like […]

China Initiates Campaign Against Illegal Mobile Websites

A new campaign is underway in China to rid the country of mobile-optimized websites that spread pornography and false information.
China’s Ministry of Public Security started the campaign on September 23, 2009, and the one-month campaign will target illegal mobile phone websites.
The campaign will focus on three areas: cleaning out illegal mobile phone websites, which […]

Rising Website Servers Attacked By Hackers

According to information from 360 Security Center, Chinese anti-virus software provider Rising’s website servers suffered retaliatory attacks by hackers who had implanted trojans.
The news has been confirmed by Rising and the company said so far it has repaired the servers and handed relevant proof of the security breach to the local police. Rising said because […]

China’s Suffers Internet Payment Hacker Attack

Chinese Internet payment platform says starting at 16:20 on January 14, 2009, the company’s official website experienced large-scale hacker attacks.

China’s Ministry of Public Security Opens SMS Alarm Channel

China’s Ministry of Public Security has opened a short message alarm channel and will use the number 12110 as the national unified alarm number, adding new ways for people to report emergencies to the police.