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Chinese Government Demands Weibo Cease Streaming Video Services

The Chinese adage that the tall blade of grass gets cut first is definitely true this week, as China’s top …

LeEco To Close Cloud Disk Personal Services At End Of June 2017

The Chinese government’s tightening noose on illegal Internet content has found its latest victim: LeEco. LeEco’s cloud disk service announced …

Illegal Activities Push 360 Cloud Disk To Stop Services In China

360cloud shutdown360 Cloud Disk published a notice on its official website stating that they will stop providing cloud disk services to …

China Mobile Doubles Down Against Porn And Mobile Spam

China Mobile is focusing on better customer support as it integrates its disparate services into an online platform at two provincial call centers. A representative from China Mobile confirmed that the company will establish a business support organization targeting customer services. The online service company will integrate China Mobile’s 10086 and 12580 hotline businesses, and […]

China Mobile Builds Largest Internet Information Security Center In Luoyang

Chinese telecom operator China Mobile announced the formal launch of a new Internet information security operating center in Luoyang, provincial capital of Henan. This is reportedly the first operating center targeting mobile Internet information security established by a telecom operator in China. In its initial stage, the operating center will have 500 seats, making it […]

Online Filtering Software Redux In China

China’s Ministry of Education says that the networks of all China’s schools shall be subject […]

Chinese Telecom Operators Deny Termination Plan For Mobile Phone Numbers

In response to previous media reports that Chinese telecom operators will terminate mobile phone numbers […]

Sexting: Mobile Phone Numbers In Shanghai Can Be Terminated

To coordinate with the special campaign jointly launched by China’s nine government departments to fight […]

CNNIC Closes Websites Associated With 699 Chinese Porn Domain Names

According to China Internet Network Information Center, the national domain name complaint center in China, […]

KongZhong Admits Chinese Wireless Porn Crackdown Will Hurt Revenue

It takes guts to be the first to admit a failure, and Chinese wireless value-added […]