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Tencent Acquires 15.68% Stake In Kingsoft For HKD900 Million

Chinese software provider Kingsoft and Internet company Tencent have jointly announced that the two parties have reached a strategic investment cooperation and Tencent has gained a 15.68% stake in Kingsoft. Tencent acquired the 15.68% stake in Kingsoft from Qiu Bojun, founder and executive director of Kingsoft, and Zhang Xuanlong, a non-executive director of Kingsoft, for […]

China’s Kingsoft Integrates Keniu To Form Kingsoft Network

Kingsoft Internet Security Software Holdings Limited, the Internet security subsidiary of Kingsoft, has announced that it has merged with Keniu Network, a Chinese security software provider, and formed an independent company named Kingsoft Network. Fu Sheng, CEO of Keniu, will be the new CEO of Kingsoft Network; Wang Xin, CEO of Kingsoft Internet Security, will […]

China’s Kingsoft Net Profit Up 26% In 2009

Chinese software and online game provider Kingsoft has published its annual financial report for 2009, stating that its total operating revenue for 2009 increased by 25% year-on-year to CNY1.022 billion, including 67% contributed by the online game business and 32% from software.
Kingsoft said that the operating revenue of its online game sector was CNY684.2 million […]

China’s Kingsoft Forms Partnership With Thailand’s Asiasoft

Chinese software and online games company Kingsoft has announced that its Kingsoft Duba has reached cooperation with Thai online game operator Asiasoft, and the two parties will jointly launch a Thai-language edition of Kingsoft Duba.
This move marks Kingsoft’s formal entry into the Thai market and it is also the company’s first major measure in the […]

Kingsoft Creates New Software Security Head In Corporate Spin-off

Chinese software provider Kingsoft has confirmed its plan to split into three subsidiaries, and Qiu Bojun, chairman and CEO of Kingsoft Group, says the group will still stick to the unified brand of Kingsoft.

Kingsoft Will Move To New Beijing Office Building In March

The Chinese software provider Kingsoft has confirmed that the company has acquired a full, new office building in Beijing for CNY175 million and the company will move to its new office in March 2009.

What’s In A Name For China’s Kingsoft Corporation?

Chinese software provider Kingsoft has confirmed that the company is seeking to change its name.

Kingsoft Reacts To Microsoft’s Anti-piracy Measures In China

Commenting on the desktop anti-piracy measure recently launched by Microsoft (MSFT) in China, Kingsoft says that although they too are harmed by pirated software, China-based Kingsoft will not copy Microsoft’s mode and promises to continue to offer free WPS Office software to individual users.