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Censorship Is LinkedIn’s China Friend As It Boasts User Milestone

LinkedIn Censorship in ChinaShen Boyang, LinkedIn’s global vice president and China president, said that the company’s number of users in China has surpassed …

Tencent’s QQ Browser Rife With Privacy Problems

QQ and TencentUnfortunately it would be more of a surprise that a Chinese Internet company did not have a security hole, but …

China’s Three Internet Music Providers Sign Mutual Licensing Agreement

Chinese musicChina’s and announced that they have reached a mutual licensing agreement with QQ Music to cover music copyrights …

Cheetah Mobile Appoints Tencent’s Li Zhaohui As Director

Chinese Internet and mobile Internet security company Cheetah Mobile announced that the company has appointed Li Zhaohui as a new director of the company; meanwhile, former director Peng Zhijian resigned his position, effective immediately. Li is currently an executive partner of Tencent Investment and general manager of Tencent Mergers & Acquisitions. He focuses on Tencent’s […]

Tencent Takes Aim Against Mobile Viruses

With news this week of malware infesting Apple mobile apps and a new mobile virus infecting Chinese users’ smartphones, more scrutiny is being placed on Chinese technology firms to help protect netizens. Tencent has taken the lead with the announcement of its Thunder Action. This is the company’s special initiative against Internet phishing, pornography, and […]

Microsoft Ceases World’s Final MSN Holdout In China

Microsoft will officially close its instant messaging service MSN in China on October 31, 2014. Microsoft already shut down MSN services worldwide in March 2013, with the exclusion of the Chinese mainland market; and the company started promoting its other communications product Skype. According to Microsoft, Chinese MSN services will be shut down on October […]

Chinese Companies Form Video Content Group

Chinese Internet video providers Sohu video, Tencent video, and have together established an organization named Video Content Cooperation to implement deeper cooperation in resource sharing, platform development, copyright protection and broadcasting sector growth. The three parties will jointly purchase quality video copyright content in China and abroad. Meanwhile, they will share their existing movie […]

China’s Tencent, Kingsoft Form Game Alliance

Chinese tech titans Tencent and Kingsoft will soon begin operating their online games together. Kingsoft and Tencent are reportedly planning to jointly operate JX3 Online, the flagship game product of Kingsoft. JX3 Online started public beta test in August 2009 and has been jointly operated by Kingsoft and Shanda since May 2010. Previously, Tencent and […]

Chinese Internet Company Plans Unfair Competition Lawsuit Against Tencent

Chinese application service provider UC will sue Tencent, the Chinese Internet giant, for alleged unfair competitive practices. Chinese online media report that Yu Yongfu, chief executive officer of UC, said that if UC wins the lawsuit, it will require a face-losing apology directly from Ma Huateng, chairman and CEO of Tencent. At the same time, […]

Tencent Acquires 15.68% Stake In Kingsoft For HKD900 Million

Chinese software provider Kingsoft and Internet company Tencent have jointly announced that the two parties have reached a strategic investment cooperation and Tencent has gained a 15.68% stake in Kingsoft. Tencent acquired the 15.68% stake in Kingsoft from Qiu Bojun, founder and executive director of Kingsoft, and Zhang Xuanlong, a non-executive director of Kingsoft, for […]