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China’s National Memory Chip Project Begins Construction In Wuhan

China’s national memory base project recently has begun construction in the Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone. With a total …

R&D Accounts For 15% Of Huawei’s Income

patentChinese telecom device maker Huawei invested USD9.2 billion in research and development in 2015, accounting for 15% of the total …

Quantum Computing Lab Formed In China

Chinese cloud computing service Aliyun is expanding research into the quantum field of computers. Alibaba Group’s cloud computing subsidiary and the Chinese Academy of Sciences signed a memorandum of understanding n Shanghai to co-found the Chinese Academy of Sciences – Alibaba Quantum Computing Laboratory. The new research facility aims to take the study and applications […]

Yahoo Bids Farewell To Beijing R&D Center

A Yahoo senior vice president reportedly announced via an internal email that they will close their research and development center in Beijing. According to reports in Chinese local media, the shutdown of the Beijing R&D center is a part of the company’s global layoff plan. An internal employee revealed that Yahoo will offer “N+4” compensations […]

Adobe Will Close Chinese R&D Operations

Adobe has decided to close its research and development branch in China and all related operations will be terminated at the end of December 2014. Adobe China’s public relations company confirmed that after the Chinese R&D branch stops operating, the Chinese business will be transferred to Adobe India. However, Adobe will maintain its sales businesses […]

Oracle’s Shanghai R&D Center Will Open Soon

Mark Hurd, president of Oracle, announced during the company’s global conference that they will enhance investment in China, and their fourth Chinese research and development center has been constructed in Shanghai and will soon open. Oracle already established a research and development department in Shanghai. With this new move, the company plans to expand its […]

SMIC Builds New Facilities And R&D Center In Shenzhen

China’s Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMI) held a foundation-laying ceremony for two production lines and an R&D center in Shenzhen this past weekend.

Huawei Plans 3G R&D In Nanjing

With a total investment of CNY2.9 billion, Huawei will set up the world’s largest data processing center and 3G R&D center in Nanjing.

Microsoft Invests $280 Million Building New R&D Center In China

Software giant Microsoft (MSFT) says it will invest US$280 million to building a research and development center in Beijing.

Finet Group Breaks Into Chinese Internet Games Sector

Chinese financial publisher Finet Group says it sees big hopes in the Chinese online gaming sector and has now launched its own foray into that sector.