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Japanese Tech Companies Launch Recycling JV In China

Panasonic will cooperate with Hangzhou Dadi Environmental Protection Engineering Company Ltd., Dowa Holdings Company Ltd., and Sumitomo Corporation to form a jointly-held company, Panasonic Dadi Dowa Summit Recycling Hangzhou Company Ltd., in China. The new joint venture will be engaged in the recycling of home appliances and electronics and is expected to start operation in […]

Chinese Home Appliances Trade-in Policy Launched In 19 Additional Regions

China’s Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of Environmental Protection have jointly published a “Home Appliances Trade-in Promotion Program”, stating that from June 1, 2010, the policy will be launched in 19 additional provinces and cities, in addition to the existing nine pilot provinces and cities, and the implementation period of the policy […]

China Establishes Electronic Information Product Pollution Control Certification System

To control and reduce environmental pollution caused by electronic information product waste, the Certification and Accreditation Administration of China and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China have jointly announced plans to establish a national electronic information product pollution control certification system in China.
In line with this move, the two government units have […]

Beijing Extends Home Appliances Trade-in Policy To End Of 2011

According to reports in local media, the one-year-old home appliances trade-in policy, which was supposed to conclude at the end of May 2010, has been prolonged to the end of 2011 in Beijing, and the subsidy rates remain unchanged.
In June 2009, China launched a home appliances and electronics trade-in implementation solution and stated that from […]

Green Computing: Dell Recycles Obsolete IT Products In Shanghai

According to Dell (DELL), starting from October 10, 2008, the company launched a three-day IT products recycling activity at the door of Buynow computer store in the Pudong area of Shanghai.

Recyclable Mobile Phones Get New Boxes In Shanghai

Shanghai has seen the appearance of boxes with the three colors of blue, green and orange for the reclamation of old mobile phones from which useful metals are expected to be taken.

Gome Reclaims Old Mobile Phones At 1200 Chinese Stores

Chinese home appliance retailer Gome has announced plans to reclaim used mobile phones at its chain stores across the country in an effort to create a green industry chain for mobile phone consumption.

Beijing Identifies 16 Unqualified Mobile Phone Batteries

Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce has published the results of lithium ion batteries circulated in Beijing markets, which shows that 16 kinds of batteries are unqualified in discharge performance or recycle longevity.